Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Purolator guy is my secret lover.

I imagine the neighbors must talk.

No doubt they see the Purolator man coming to my door several times a week and wonder what it is that brings him there.  

I see them peer out their windows as the truck pulls up.  I watch them chatting as they clean their laneways,   huddled together giggling and whispering as I invite him in. 

Sure, they see him with packages rushing through the snow to get to me. They know its his job to bring them to me but still they theorize.  "Empty " they whisper he passes them by. "A ruse" says one "she can't possibly have that many things shipped to her house legitimately". "DRUGS" chimes in the nosy older lady from #62 down the way.  "LOVERS!!" exclaims the new chatty neighbor who lives kiddie corner to me. 

Wouldn't it surprise them to know that I don't even know my secret lover's name!!   Wouldn't the real reason he visits shock them!  I suppose I could tell them the boring reason he really shows up is that he is delivering my wins and that since starting blog contests last April the Purolator guy and I have become pretty close friends. He visits twice a week at least.  I know his wife's name, his dog's, his daily stories, the trials and tribulations of delivery driving. We chat it up now like old friends would at a coffee shop. But... Its certainly more fun NOT to tell them why he is really there. 

 I wonder what the neighbors say when my Purolator secret lover leaves and the FedEx guy shows up minutes later only to be followed closely by the Canada Post van!   Oh the stories I must give them ! 


  1. It's the same thing at my house! I've had a neighbor come to my door just to ask if I started a home business because she sees me getting so many deliveries. Even my husband (jokingly) questions my relationship with the Purolator and UPS guys because they are here so often.

  2. LOL, I loved reading that. That was hilarious. I have just started blog contests and have won quite a bit and have had the delivery guys at my door quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. Wonder if my neighbours are talking. lol.


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