Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Missing Prizes - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Part 2 - The Bad

This post is a bit of a downer. So if you didn't catch yesterdays post  Part 1 - The GOOD!!!  <-- Click it!  I promise it is a lot more uplifting than this one. :) Pinky swear even.

On to todays post..

Missing Prizes - Part 2 -  The Bad

As you recall I mentioned yesterday some vastly different experiences I had while contacting 3 bloggers regarding the prizes I was missing from last years wins.

I am having trouble putting a name in this post of the blogger falling under "The Bad" category.  Not because I don't know her name.  More because putting it here for the world to see gives me pause for a few reasons. 

First, bloggers are incredibly cliquey in their ways. I am not dogging anyone for this.  However, listing the blogger's name here and feeling the backlash from her bloggy friends doesn't sound like a pleasant wednesday afternoon to me.  Whats worse is.. even though this blogger is in the wrong...  I fear some sort of retaliation for this post.. like a possible ban from blog giveaways if my opinion frazzles some nerves.  Chickenshit am I ? Maybe.  Ok.. Yes.  Definately .

Second, I have no problem writing the names of the wonderful people I come across on the blogosphere.  I love it.  I should do it more often. (note to self) .  I do want to limit my slander of others.  Not that I will always.  I'm kind of a live in the moment kinda gal- and in the moment my emotions run a little high sometimes.

Anyways.  For the purpose of this post , lets just call this blogger Biotch. ..  I mean..  JAM . (see.. living in my emotions again)   

There is actually a bit of a back story to this.  My friend and I both won the same day from this blog.  Both winning DVD's.  Initially my friend had contacted JAM in late December asking about her missing prize only to be told that it hadn't been shipped yet.  Keep in mind this was a month to the day after the prize had been won originally.  She finally received hers in mid January. 

So yesterday.  February 2nd.  I contact JAM to let her know my prize had not arrived. My letter was simple and friendly .  I copied for your pleasure:

Just wanted to touch base with you. I still have not received this DVD. I am wondering when it was sent. Hope all is well with you. Wishing you much success in 2010 !
Nice enough right?  The reply wasn't as wonderful.  I was told that JAM paid shipping out of her own pocket to ship to Canada and that she was sorry I hadn't received it. (hey.. at least she gave an apology).. and said that if I don't see it to contact her and she would contact the sponsor who probably WILL NOT be shipping out a replacement because (apparently) there has been a problem in the blogosphere with giveaway winners not receiving prizes and she doesn't know if they will go for it.

This reply initially made me feel guilty.  I took a step back and told myself I had nothing to be guilty for.

The contest did not state U.S only when I entered, so if being from Canada was a problem, why wasn't I told?  (Please people.. if you run a giveaway.. put the restrictions up.  U.S only, Canada, ALL, International, whatever it may be.. put it there! ) . It is not the entrants fault if you don't specify the rules.

Most of the time sponsors are shipping the prizes , so it was news to me that this blogger had to pay shipping out of pocket.  Had I known I was being an inconvenience I would have told her not to worry about it and to please award it to someone else as I have previously for people.

And a problem in the blogosphere with people not receiving prizes?  How does this translate into my bad luck? From the impression I get in her reply, JAM doesn't even want to ask the sponsor about re-shipping my item out to me.  But why not?  What harm does it do her to ask a simple question.  Doesn't the blogger or at least the sponsor have a responsibility to get me my prize?  If I enter and win a contest from Pepsi and don't receive my prize.. Pepsi doesn't say.. Sorry.. we had shipping problems.. You won't EVER get it. Better Luck next time though. 

Boo to JAM. Double Boo even..
So, thats todays episode of Missing Prizes.. the Bad. Told ya it would be a downer.  Stay tuned for an equally depressing post tomorrow when we tackle "The Ugly"


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