Thursday, February 11, 2010

Little Man is Growing Up.

I awoke this morning to hear little feet moving through the house. I shouldn't say little feet really, not only is he 9 and tall with a shoe size soon to match my own but he walks a little heavy on his feet. Maybe I should say I awoke to a small elephant like creature who resembles my nine year old tromping through the house. :)

My alarm hadn't quite gone off so I knew it was early and  being a mom I automatically worried that maybe he hadn't slept well or wasn't feeling well and thats what had caused him to be moving around at such early hours.

I travelled downstairs to check out the scene. I quickly discovered that there was no tummy ache or ailment unknown. There was no tossing and turning through the night. There was only excitement. Today is the Valentine's day shindig at school. Excitement brought him downstairs early.

I smiled inside as I saw the outfit he had picked for himself. I noted the red sweater for the Valentine's theme and the white shirt he had picked for underneath it. "Do we have white pants?" he asked. White pants? I think to myself.. White pants on a nine year old boy? Do they even make them? And are they crazy?. White pants wouldn't last a minute on this dirt loving nine year old. "No" I answer .

I was surprised to find him dressed. I tend to grab his clothes in the morning when I am fluttering around the house. Not only that but my boy doesn't like the basement which happens to be where that red sweater and white shirt he donned were located when I passed them last night in the laundry room.

That wasn't my only surprise today though.  I discovered that he had also brushed his teeth (without being told) , tackled his unruly hair with a comb instead of his fingers , packed his Valentine's , made his lunch and was in the process of filling out his milk order form. All that was required of me now was a kiss, a hug and a cheque before school.

Wow! I told him how proud I was of his morning activities. How it was nice to see him turning into such a responsible young man. (Does he even need me anymore? ) . 

Parents will tell you often how fast their children grow up or how fast yours will .  How in one blink of an eye you will go from diapers to dates.  From tonka trucks to drivers licences.  And from little to big....

I think I just blinked.

My little man is growing up.

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