Hmmm... where to start.

I am a 30 something single mom who is a self professed contest junkie. I am eventually going to need rehab or some sort of 12 step program for my contest addiction but for now I living in blissful ignorance of my problem and entering all the goodies out there.

I especially love blog giveaways and the wonderful people I have met through doing them.

I have become a social networking junkie in the last few years.

I have a sweet tooth for anything chocolate.

I have a passion for music and to the horror of my friends a love for Karaoke.

I want to learn guitar one day. I said I would do it by age 30 ... oops.. guess I had better get working on that one :)

I live in Canada!! (how could I forget to write that sooner!)

If you would like to me to do a review/giveaway of your product you can contact me here:


I would love to hear from you!