Friday, February 19, 2010

Finders Friday

What is Finders Friday you ask ?  Well, I have decided that I just don't know enough about my readers (don't worry.. I am not going to ask for your bank account # or anything crazy like that) .  I have loved reading through the giveaway entries so far because it has allowed me to find out where some of my readers are located.  It is exciting to see the world coming together on my blog (ok.. so not the world yet since I only have it open to U.S and Canada..but I'll work on that k? ) .

So today I would like to FIND something out about my readers.  And since this Lady Luck's Abode.. I thought maybe my question would be giveaway/contest/win related.

Here it is :  What is your biggest win yet and how long have you been contesting?

Alright.. so its 2 questions :)  but you guys are smart and bored right? You can handle that !

My answer:  I have been contesting for 5 years.  My biggest win was $450 Oakley Sunglasses with Bluetooth built in.  My son recently won $500 in Gift cards along with a Mr. Christie prize pack.  Lucky bum !  :)

Anyone up to answer?


  1. Great idea! I've been entering contests for about 6 years now. My biggest win was $5000 cash. It's a great hobby but it can get tiring somtimes. I go through periods where I enter like crazy and then I'll slack off for a few months and barely enter.

  2. Hi from New Brunswick :) This is my 10th year entering contests and I'm a complete addict. My biggest win would be my trips, I've won 5 so far, Florida, Las Vegas, Italy, Paris/London, and last year Hollywood!!

  3. Checking in from South Dakota! I started entering blog giveaways about 4 months ago--a fun hobby for the cold winter months here. I'm sure when (if!!) spring arrives I won't have the time to do it as much. My biggest win so far is a $600 Oreck vacuum cleaner, which I just won last night!! I don't do the big sweepstakes thing--maybe next year.

  4. Edmontonjb - $5000 !!! Thats wild! I dreamt last night that I won the 42 million Lotto max (no such luck lol) but $5000 definately would have brightened my day!!! nice win!

    Huguette E.- It is totally addicting! My favorite saying right now is " I am an addict, gmail is my syringe" lol. Those are great trips. I have won NO trips yet. Not even a weekend away. But am keeping my fingers crosses!

    Sharonjo - CONGRATS on the Oreck!! (I think I entered that one.. lol. - ok.. I have entered every Oreck and Dyson I can find haha) Woohoo!! Nice one. I entered BIG contests for years. But last April I started on blog contests and the winnings are adding up much faster. I am sticking with blogs. I still throw the odd big one in but not nearly as much as the blog giveaways!

    Thankx for stopping by everyone! It is great getting to know you!!


  5. Keep at it Fokxxy, at trip will come some day :) Wishing you lots of luck!

  6. wow... I don't think I am lucky this way. : )

  7. I have been blogging for 3 years and I used to enter contests a lot more than I do now... I am just too busy HOSTING contests to enter any! I suppose the biggest win would have been a $250 ring. But I really don't put much effort into it :) I appreciate those of you who do though!

  8. I've been entering contests for the past 6 months maybe. The biggest win I've had is $200 cash. I'm always looking to top that though!


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