Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jennifer Heil Wins Silver!!

  My heart is pumping with the expectation of something that should have been but wasn't.  I haven't quite come down from the exhileration of watching the Olympic women's moguls that were to say the least INTENSE.  Leaders fell.  Underdogs surprised us.   Adrenaline soared. 

  Jennifer Heil of Canada, a favorite and one of the top females in her sport , was second last to go and had a near perfect run that put her in spot #1 for the medals.  She just inched fellow Canadian Chloe Dufour -Lapointe out of her bronze medal spot.  My little man and I watched with breath held as the last skier, American Hannah Kearney, took her place at the starting point.  If you have ever watched moguls you will know that the runs take all of 30 seconds (sometimes less) for skiers to complete.  It honestly felt like the longest 30 seconds of my life.  Even longer were the 15 seconds or so they took to tally the score after Kearney executed her own near perfect run.

Kearney scored 26.63 .  Heil scored 25.69. 

  Americans scoop us for the Gold and I can't say they didn't deserve it.  Kearney's run was nothing short of awesome.  I am slightly dissapointed that the Canadians were not able to hold onto first place thereby making history by finally getting a Gold on home soil.  That said I am also NOT dissapointed at all.  Canadians did fabulous!  More than fabulous.  They should be incredibly proud of their competition overall.  I am incredibly proud of them.  Jenn Heil, you didn't lose Gold.  You won Silver!! Congrats Jenn Heil and Congrats Canadian women!!

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