Friday, February 5, 2010

Missing Prizes - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Part 3 - The Ugly!

Today is Part 3 of  my missing prizes posts.  If you missed them you can find the other two posts here:

Todays post is actually the Ugly Experience that my friend and fellow contester is currently going through with her missing win from Target and in their Five days of Target giveaway.

This win was from Dec 4th as you can see and so far has not shown up yet. 

When contacted Lauren from Glam promised to look into it further and get back to her.

That was the last she heard from Lauren.  There have been emails sent and no reply.  There have been phonecalls unanswered.  And messages unable to be left because Lauren's mailbox is conveniently full at all times. 

This kind of thing causes panic.  When you can't get a hold of someone it worries you.  You start to wonder if you will ever get your prize.   Your win that was wonderful and made you so happy turns into a headache that you can't get rid of.  It is prolonged by the lack of contact with the contest holder.  So now she waits.  And waits.. and waits.

So "THE UGLY" award goes to Lauren of Glam.  Actually, lets give it to any and every contest holder who does not only not meet their end of the bargain but clearly ignores any and all attempts to contact them regarding the issue.  Its not the missing win thats the most frustrating. Its the lack of contact.  Just tell us it was shipped late.  Keep us informed of what is happening.  Please.


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