Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Missing Prizes - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Part 1 - THE GOOD !!!

I have been thinking of writing this post for a little while now. As someone who enters a lot of contests and wins her fair share (Thank you bloggers, contest sponsors, contest gods, and lady luck :) I consider myself pretty lucky. It is inevitable though that sometimes there will be problems that arise.

I was looking back through my wins from 2009 and noticed a few items I had won but had not received. See, I am a fairly patient prize winner. I understand bloggers have families, sponsors have workloads and delivery services have other people to deliver to other than myself . I know that some wins come from far away. Some wins come during busy postal times like Christmas. I think I allow a little more time than the average contester for these things.  I wait.  And sometimes I wait a long time.

So, hunting through my wins I noticed a total of 3 that I had not yet recieved. I contacted all three bloggers at the same time and the responses I received from the bloggers prompted this post. This will be a 3 part series.

 Part 1 - THE GOOD !!!

I have to give a giant wonderful shout out of KUDOS to Angie of Shopannies who gets my first ever Lady Luck's - THE GOOD !! Award (Angie, forgive me, I know not how to make a button but as soon as I figure it out - You are getting one!).

 I won the Shrinky Dinks contest at Shopannies in November and to be honest, when I contacted Angie I wasn't even sure if she could do anything.  One - because it had been so long and Two- because I recently had a horrible experience with one of the other no shows (which you will hear all about tomorrow in Part 2 - The BAD).  So my intention in contacting her was soley informational.  I just wanted to let her know that I hadn't received my prize as expected and I left the email at that.

Angie replied to me right away saying that she would look into it . She reiterated her faith in the sponsor of the giveaway  as she has worked with them multiple times and has had nothing but wonderful experiences in the past.

I received another email from Angie the next day. As it turns out my information had somehow never been passed on to the sponsor. It happens. I am totally aware of that. I understand that people make mistakes  and I make plenty myself. The key thing here is Angies honesty and integrity in this matter. She didn't blame my lack of prize on the sponsor, or a delivery service, or some strange act of god, She owned up to it. She took responsibility and she took action to resolve the problem. Before she even replied to me Angie had already taken steps to contact the sponsor to resolve the mix up. Kudos again to Angie! Triple Kudos if you will.

I thanked Angie and sat back reflecting on how she handled herself and how I wish all bloggers I had contacted recently had handled themselves in just such a way.  I was quite happy with how everything was handled and quite happy to know I would be receiving my prize after all.

To my surprise I received an email from Angie just a few minutes ago  relaying a message from the sponsor Shrinky Dinks. They would like to know if I would like to choose another prize more fitting to me since the original prize was a halloween themed item I had won in the early part of November. Well, how about that- Shrinky Dinks deserves a button too. Or at least a shout out on being a great sponsor who not only worked with the blogger to fix the problem but to take it one step further to satisfy their obligation.
Angie and Shrinky Dinks have gone above and beyond in this situation. Props , Kudos and Buttons well deserved!!  I have a lot of respect for them!

Thank you Angie (Shopannies) and Thank you Shrinky Dinks. May 2010 be a very successful year for you both!


P.S - If any of you lovelies would like to make this button thing-a-ma-jig for me (as previously mentioned above), I would love you dearly. I cannot pay you. But I promise you love (from afar lol)

Come Back Tomorrow for   Part 2 - THE BAD.....

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