Friday, December 3, 2010

Become a ZWAPPER with me !!

Good Morning Zwappers!! (or soon to be Zwappers as might be the case lol)

So what am I talking about you ask? What is a Zwapper you say?

ZWAP is a new canadian contest forum I have joined. And ZWAPPERS is the affectionate name the members have taken to calling themselves.  I love it over there. The people are friendly and the contests are plenty!!  Did you know just for JOINING you can get a 2.50 Tim Hortons Gift card sent to you?  And thats not all! Be an active member and the rewards keep coming!

LINK ME you say?  ok then :)

Zwap is currently holding a contest for its members (told ya they were awesome!! ) . Members are asked to recruit new members to the forum to be entered into the draw.  So here I am recruiting you (P.S. if you ever so kindly want to say FOKXXY sent me when you join.. my feelings certainly wouldn't be hurt lol but it is not a requirement) . Would I recruit you if there wasn't a reward.  YOU BET YOUR BOTTOM I WOULD!!  So far I am loving this forum.  The members have been helpful , friendly and full of good posts! I likes it!


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  1. Thanks so much for the great plug for Zwap, Fokxxy! Very happy to have you as a member and glad to know you like it so much. Hopefully your readers will also! C'mon and join us everyone! Don't forget you get a $2.50 Tim Horton's card just for joining. Plus you get to hang out with awesome members like Fokxxy :) Don't forget....we also have lots of Hot Deals, Freebies and Coupons on Zwap too. So come be a Zwapper, meet some new friends, share some great deals, and more!




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